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Wednesday November 26th 2014 Tim Candler


    I'd like to be able to say that we Sabeans don't enjoy our History, that way I could altogether avoid having to explore our History. But when a writer of pulp gathers his notes into one place, an exercise that took about three days, and he then makes the mistake of discovering that technical devices are capable of counting words, it can all get a little overwhelming. Eight hundred and fifty odd thousand words is not something a person can look at and say something like, "That makes sense."

    And too, given the total inadequacy of the steel trap some call memory, I had for example completely forgotten that while in Egypt Sabeans had a Sand Castle Building Festival. During the MCCXXXV Sand Fest Neferhotep III shuffled off the mortal coil after just one year as a Pharaoh. While this might figure in some sort of Sabean Trivial Pursuit, it is according to my notes of wider interest because Neferhotep III was very likely a Sabean. And here it gets interesting, Neferhotep III had a Greek Aunt.



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