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Friday November 28th 2014 Tim Candler


    Some of us are again looking for a title. Scary Compost Pile II, might not do it. But it does have potential for what the professionals call "A Current Working Title" and I would have gone for Scary Compost Pile II as a current working title had it not been for the small problem that  Scary Compost Pile II is the eighth Compost Pile from the left, and I need an idea of the third Compost Pile from the left. And here, I'm afraid to say, The South Saxons as a title is beginning to sound a little like really badly made gravy.

    And it might be I need the assistance of a clinician, or a G-Plus Community but The Sabean Genre has a structured-structure-less-ness that obsessed a few brave French thinkers following the Second World War, and in general musing about The Rabbit of Usk, sometimes it's worth returning to the origin of an idea. And the thing about the second and third Compost Piles from the left is the intimacy of their connections. They are as brothers, if you will. So I was thinking A Weaver of Declines as a possible sibling to A Weaver of Inclines. At the same time, our hero's decline from peak hero-dom to the dark corridors of Pen-Y-Fal has a long way to go. Don't you just hate geometry.



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