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 Saturday November 29th 2014 Tim Candler


    For those of us who sometimes decide that indeed there might well be hope for the maladjusted there's a test out there by which progress maybe judged. This year I'm sad to report I got yet another failing grade. I totally cracked in the early hours of day two. And it's likely I said something I probably shouldn't have done about perfectly innocent people sitting around a table and there were candle sticks and other decorative accents and a whole bunch of very idiotic lists of wholly transparent statements of the toe curling kind. All of it crying out for peer review.

    I still believe that with time, considerable effort and maybe a lobotomy I am capable of achieving correct mental attitude and developing the necessary inane chirpiness that doesn't include the expression "Bite Me" as a catch all phrase. So don't get me wrong, I'm just not going to personally visit Facebook until a couple of months after the festive season of 2020. Instead I'll be delegating that role in the grand scheme to my good friends Pinterest and Blogger, who are so engrossed in the mathematics of it all they're completely past caring and pretty much oblivious to earthly matters.



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