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 Sunday November 2nd 2014 Tim Candler


   Well looks like we had it all. We had the frost, we had the moan, we had a few thoughts about Winter Solstice, we had a couple of Fall Iris popped into a jug of water. As well there was a brief contemplation of the "at-at-at sound." Which isn't a "chattering of teeth," I've discovered. A "chattering of teeth" is all part of the Chattering Teeth Naraka. And here it might be worth pointing out that not all thoughts of Hell are of fire and boiling cauldrons. There are in fact eight cold Hells, I am told. Each one more horrible than the one before, but although each Naraka does seem to last quite a long time, none of them are eternal Hells.

    The easiest of the cold Hells is the Blistering Naraka. You can't wear clothes and the cold is such that it raises blisters. But like most, my own interest has always been, how long I would have to endure such a place. The Blistering Naraka, lasts for as long as it would take to empty a barrel of Sesame Seeds if you were only permitted to take out one seed every hundred years. The Shivering Naraka, which is the third hell, would last sixty times longer than a Blistering Naraka. And it's The Shivering Naraka where a person has to deal with the kind of shivering that causes them to make an "at-at-at sound with their mouth." And even though I've got no idea what the "at-at-at sound" is I have to thank God I'm not in the Chatter Teeth Naraka because that Naraka lasts at least a hundred times longer than a Blistering Naraka.

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