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 Wednesday November 5th 2014 Tim Candler


   The fifth of November is remembered as Guy Fawkes Day in some parts of the world. Here where I live this fifth of November will be devoted almost entirely to unabashed promotional activities. A Weaver of Inclines is almost ready to leave his fluffy little nest, and this means the diligent writer of pulp must take the deep breath, because out there somewhere the likes of Ampleforth and Pewdesduckle are thinking about what to have for their brunch and are quite unaware of the flattering e-mail they'll soon be receiving.

    As one who struggled with the ordeal of self interviewing Tim Candler, I was rather hoping to receive a free copy of his latest masterpiece, but I suspect the results of a recent election held within his county might have pissed him off a little, so who knows whether he'll go all Republican on me and force me to grasp the intricacies of logging in to the purveyors of E-Books and parting with two dollars and ninety-nine cents. Or a hundred and eighty rupees if you happen to bump into Incidentally, Candler assures me that the Indian Subcontinent does figure quite large in his latest ripping yarn.


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