An English In Kentucky


















 Thursday November 6th 2014Tim Candler


   Tension mounting as the crayon set hunts down suitable tags. There's a team in lock down working on Episodic-Prolix-Discursive and they've been up all night. When I asked them to address the matter, there were indeed a couple of blank stares as I discoursed upon the the value of romantic sounding tags in the promotional activities around The Rabbit of Usk. "How about Stalky and Company?" One of my team suggested.

    And I felt the blood flow out of my veins and puddle somewhere down there where my shoes used to be. Stalky and Company was Kipling's boarding school adventure. "Billy Bunter!" I shot back. "Harry Potter meets Tom Brown" somebody had the nerve to suggest. And I have to admit I became very despairing of my team's ability to reach the proper decision. "At least I've got a Rabbit," I huffed and left them to their gruesome work.

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