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 Saturday November 8th 2014Tim Candler


   Promotional activities will of course continue. There is no rest for the writer of pulp. He might wonder a moment, dream of the warmer weather, cast a sly glance in the direction of Compost Piles, wonder what might have happened to his shovel. Then back to Instagram, which I am told is a fast, beautiful way to share life's more fulfilling moments with others. And I too regard those sort of random, subjective appraisals with a deep, abiding suspicion.

    Pinterest campaigning has it's ups and downs. Perhaps if I was more interested in garden furniture, or Cactus I might find Pin Boards that rock the boat, send shivers through my being. And too, one quickly discovers the odd, unavoidable derogatory remark is not in the least conducive to any sort of fulfilling, wholesome relationships between Pin Boards. A bit of good advise to those in this same field, the tenth Plantagenet King's relationship with the Forget-Me-not is of no interest to anyone. So avoid it if you can. Pinterest

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