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Monday October 13th 2014  Tim Candler


   There must be bold individuals who react positively to the telephone. Because if there weren't, then I'd argue it would be safe to assume there would be less random telephone calling of complete strangers by complete strangers. As you know the modern telephone is a miracle of technology and a person once he knows how to, can press a couple of buttons and go back into time, which I guess is a sort of cave, and there he will find a cache of the telephone calls he has received. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of complete strangers with what must have been very important messages which I at least have completely ignored.

    If you go back to something like 1965, a telephone would ring in the domicile and all normal activity would come to a complete halt. There'd be yelling and rushing around because back then if a telephone wasn't answered before it rang three times the world would pretty much come to an end. Or at least had a potential to come to end because back then if ever a telephone stopped ringing before it was answered, it was necessary to stare at it for at least five minutes so that blame might be cast, in the event that the world had come to an end. A simpler more innocent time I suppose.

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