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Friday October 17th 2014  Tim Candler


   'Elgon Caldera' is obviously not going to work as a title. And on this matter both Pewdesduckle and Ogden somebody, and a quite a few other correspondents agree. 'Untitled' is also out of the question, I'm afraid. I know this will come as a great disappointment to my anonymous friend from either Romania or Indonesia but let me assure you sir, that I am still very interested in the dietary supplement that will reduce 'swelling of ankle' and promote 'good tooth color.' I suffer from both these ailments, and I'm so glad there is a 'guaranteed cure' with 'lifetime warranty.'

    Kind of an exciting day too. I was up early, 2.30 am for the Pewdesduckle review of One Small Boy. And frankly I think I might have to start calling Pewdesduckle by her Christian name. Which is the sort of thing a writer of pulp does when they get a four star review, with just one word out of place, on the Barnes and Noble. Rather dreading Ogden somebody's review. Hope he has a less than engaging surname, so no one will take too much notice of him. Such a pity one cannot reply to reviews. But perhaps there's a gossip column somewhere that I might introduce to a few false rumors about Ogden.

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