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Saturday October 18th 2014  Tim Candler


   Day Forty Two about now, I guess this would be. In "Feels Like" terms it seems much longer. But worth noting that in forty two days Spodoptera Exempta, when conditions are right can lay waste to vast tracks of land. 'Spodop' comes from Greek for ash and and maybe something about 'foot.' I think the 'tera' part has something to do with the earth, or that part of the planet that is dry land. 'Exempta' has all the makings of 'exempt.'  Early meanings of 'exempt' include the idea of 'taking out.' So with Spodoptera Exempta, you're kind of looking at a meaning that is thinking in terms of 'Scorched Earth.' And the African Armyworm, can do just that.

    I mention this because currently in the world there is someone who is a little bogged down with his titles. Mind you he's not been off his compound for something like three weeks, so these things can be expected. And too, in the grand tapestry whether the title is 'Grand Pombo,' or 'Laughing Octopus Dancing Hippo,' or 'Queen of England' does not make a great deal of difference. But according to Mark Bittman, it's the little things that matter. Quite why he says this, I'm not absolutely certain other than to guess he's completely given up on anything much larger than Cucumber sandwich. How about Ogden Ampleforth, III. Ampleforth is a religious institution in Yorkshire.  The III part is all about provenance and verité.

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