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Wednesday October 1st 2014  Tim Candler


   Big Day Today. And when I say Big I mean huge. There will be ice cream and the bow tie, there might even be a visit to Scary Pile Two. But the point is a Discursive Episodic Prolixity has its first episode. One Small Boy, the Omnibus Edition, fifteen very short stories, has a thread which will amble on into the nether regions of the archives where it will blossom into the fullness of The Rabbit of Usk. And if you wish to look at One Small Boy, admire its cover, you might try this link: One Small Boy

    More important is the celebration. I mentioned bow tie and ice cream, because it's well known that during a book signing the proud writer wears a bow tie and eats ice cream. And he or she does this because once the endeavor is through, a demon of doubt sets in, he or she succumbs to ennui - and if they don't there's something seriously wrong with them - so he or she wears his or her bow tie and eats his or her vanilla ice-cream so they might at least have some kind of a fond memory.

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