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Wednesday October 22nd 2014  Tim Candler


   Episodic Prolix doesn't figure large in the categories. However, one of the observations I'd like to put on the table for any discussion of this sometimes exotic concept of structure is that once something like part one of a story has come into existence, a succeeding part of the story can't just throw up it's hands and say something like, "I want to be alone." A sins of the father kind of thing I guess. A good argument that's been completely spoiled by a domination of particularly absurd idea of forgiveness within the politics of the individual. Blessed are the meek, indeed. "My withered right foot!" which is something I can say.

    The alternative is to come up with equally wonderful absurdities, which in the context of a narrative make perfect sense. Our political class, the boys and girls up there in the higher percentile, do it all the time. "The narrative" they will say "Is the only important thing." Down here of course we have other names for it. How about "A Weaver of the Elgon Caldera" and a picture of Steam Engine 1042 pulling freight wagons. And here, the picture won't actually be The Empress 1042 herself you understand, she is or was too beautiful to have ever been photographed.

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