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Thursday October 23rd 2014  Tim Candler


   Have to think that a six word title for anything is too long. And here I'm pretty certain that Pewdesduckle and one or other of the several Anonymous might agree with me. Ampleforth, however, has yet to review One Small Boy on the Barnes and Noble, so I've sent him a generous gift token that will enable him to buy a Danish Pastry to go along with his Double Vanilla Latte from that pompous ass coffee outlet around the corner from him.  And I'd just like to point out to Ampleforth, that no one is remotely impressed with his new apple Mack Ping Pong.

    It's called 'flutter' or something like that. The algorithm likes flutter, it likes to be tickled and made to giggle. And I don't think Ampleforth fully understands what a happy algorithm is. Nor is denigrating the class of reviewer something we writers of pulp should really indulge. But I would have you know Ampleforth, there is an Anonymous who has been very generous with a few remarks about One Small Boy. It's a five star review, sir. A five star review!   How about "Weaver of Inclines," to go along with this wonderful picture of a Tribal Class 31. A 2-8-4 no less, with smokestack belching.

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