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Saturday October 25th 2014  Tim Candler


   Pinterest is one of the less comprehensible of the many, many forms of modern interaction between the electronically connected. Not certain what to call the questioner? He, or she, or it is the one that asks the questions. And then asks more questions. It's not so much the nature of the questions, rather it's the thoroughly patronizing manner of the questions. I, sir, am not in kindergarten even if you might believe you are kindergarten's teacher.

    I think it was Plato who had some good words to say about the beginning of things. The beginning of relationships as much as the beginning of States, whether they be nation states or mental states. And I'll tell you this much, Pinterest, you are worse than Google. A more flagrantly depressing experience to my knock on your door would be hard to repeat. And No! I'll not sign in using bloody Facebook, I'd rather go door to door selling second hand extension cords while reciting the Queen of England's first tweet.

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