An English In Kentucky


















Tuesday October 28th 2014  Tim Candler


   The vicissitudes of Emma continue. The Rabbi has killed himself, which is one way to get rid of an annoying character who appears to be all beard. And Emma has agreed to devote her waking hours to sitting with her insane mother, which is also a pretty good way to dispose of any need for interaction between more than one character. Emma's father or her uncle, and here I wish I had access to volume one of the account, has chosen some very special books for Emma to read. And the other thing about Emma is that she believes she might have caused a miracle, otherwise instead of being insane her mother would have descended to the tomb.

    The more I think about Emma, the scarier she becomes. She is the sort of person who would have gone willingly to the Lions, and as she did so her chance at a final monologue would probably have turned the community of Roman Arena Lions vegetarian and put an end to the tradition of tossing Christians into Lion pits. However one of the subscribers to Amelia Bristow's story are call The Misses Reid.  Research suggests The Misses Reid are two sisters and their brother is The Honorable Neville Reid. As well The Misses Reid contributed mightily to the construction of Saint Joseph's Church near where The Rabbit of Usk now finds himself. Saint Joseph's follow the Discalced Carmelite tradition, in other words they are Barefoot Carmelites. So it was meant to be.

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