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Thursday October 2nd 2014  Tim Candler


   The Laurel is blooming. She usually blooms twice a year, at no particular set date or month. She just blooms whenever she feels able to, or perhaps when she's in a mood to bloom. And it's perfectly possible that one year she might decide not to bloom at all. This year she'll bloom only once. Odds are she'll soon realize the error. But I have to think the production of Little Laurels is not high on her list.

    When she came she was just twelve small plants. And these plants grew together to make one large, long, wide plant that stretches a good sixty feet. And her contribution to the state of affairs here has been tremendous. Under her wide skirts there is shade and shelter. The Towhee is devoted to her, the Thrasher had a nest in her. In winter Field and Chipping Sparrow find winter shelter in her. And often there will be Little Rabbit hiding in her skirts where they plot against the Vegetable Garden.

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