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 Thursday October 30th 2014 Tim Candler


   Fiction, Literature, Biographical - is a category. So is - Non-fiction, Social Science, Anthropology Cultural. Tags are a great deal more fun - Boarding School, Detention, Leopards, Steam Trains, Discursive, Episodic, Prolix. Of course to be taken seriously I should really be in the category of Chic-Lit, Sci-Fi, Mystery. With the tags Spaceships, Pretty Blond People, Serial Killer, Sentient Plants, Gorgeous Alien Beings. And I reckon Emma De Lissau by Amelia Bristow, comes under such a category. All though you could try:



    Not quite certain why I like the tags Discursive, Episodic, Prolix. I could argue that these three words best describe the world I share with The Rabbit of Usk. Increasingly however, I have come to understand that not everyone greets Discursive, Episodic, Prolix with the same enthusiasm as I do. The question I guess is, Do I Care? The correct answer to this question is, Yes you should! Anyway, on Saturday the month of November begins and I at least am keenly anticipating holiday shopping, heavy frost, possibly snow, maybe a blizzard or freezing rain, and the arrival of A Weaver of Inclines.

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