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Monday October 6th 2014  Tim Candler


   Real Time, means 'as it happens' and there's a good thing and a bad thing about Real Time. If you watch a movie, that's not Real Time. But if you have access to a Real Time Feed then you can pretty much tell what's happening Now. And there is something fascinating about watching a Real Time Feed from somewhere like the gas station that has a doughnut shop at the junction between something like Route 25 and Donkey Tail Road.

    And it's always possible this is more like a mono-pedal activity than it is like something bipeds have the patience for. However, I have a Real Time Feed to the comings and goings of One Small Boy as he currently sits out there in the ether. I can see how many times he has been downloaded and I can see how many times the poor little guy has been sold. It's kind of like a cattle market, I suppose, and I'm there in the rafters like two beady eyes watching. Nor am I certain whether this is a healthy activity.

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