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Wednesday October 8th 2014  Tim Candler


   I believe when I interviewed myself, I did ask myself a question about titles. Might even be worth my while going back to see what my answer was, because I am pretty certain the title "Elgon Caldera" has all the magic and excitement of a flat tire. Mind you I've completely gone off the title "One Small Boy." There's something really irritating about it, and yet it's kind of too late to do anything to change it, because the damn thing has ISBN numbers, and all that kind of corporate stuff.

    I do like the three words "Formerly Known As." They kind of sum the whole pompous ass title business up. I mean why in the first place do there have to be titles. And I could go on, but the new leaf I have turned requires a certain acceptance from me, so I just have to 'Buck up, pull myself together and get with the program.' None of them easy things to do, especially around titles.  So despite the temptation to go for "Jung's Second Big Mistake" I think I might try adding a "The" to "Elgon Caldera" for a bit, see how that goes.

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