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Wednesday September 10th 2014  Tim Candler


   One of the other questions is: "Who are your favorite writers?" The question itself doesn't always come like that. Apparently there's a difference between a writer and an author. Guess it goes back to Eighteenth Century, when some one like Walking Stewart was sent off to the East India Company to work as a writer.  His job was to fill in the company ledgers and write the odd letter of complaint to a Maharaja. And too I have found that of the two words whether someone describes themselves as a writer or as an author, says  much about what it is they think they're doing. You kind of have to think that authors smoke pipes and are kind of picky around breakfast time, understands puns, that sort of thing. Whereas a writer tosses back the coffee, he's careless with his cigarette butts, knows when to wear sandals and probably has a shovel somewhere lying around gathering rust.

    And too, I think a writer might answer the question "Who are your favorite Authors?"something like this: "You have the religious thinkers and the philosophers, the big heads as I like to think of them. My own interest in them kind of ends with Sartre, where everything gets kind of bogged down in specialization and prancing around in front of television cameras to fund second homes in the Lake District. Then on through Genet before going backwards to the more interesting stuff.  Peter Cheney's tales of Lemmy Caution, special agent of the FBI. JG Ballard, just love his Downed World. There are some damn fine comic book Authors around. Not sure I liked anyone from the eighties or nineties. Dull, dull years for us people. But things are changing. I like George Monbiot, he nearly died once near to where I spent time as a schoolboy. A useful experience for a writer. I could go on......"

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