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Thursday September 11th 2014  Tim Candler


   According to advisors The Self Interview once complete, is then to be distributed to a budding writer's unfortunate friends and relatives. The strategy here is to elicit more questions for the Self Interview, answer those questions, get some kind of interaction going. Some kind of back and forth, some kind of regular communication. I guess it would be like receiving junk mail. As well, I've been told, the sole purpose of social media is to promote the Self Interview, and to this end words like Facebook, Twitter and are bandied around. And here I look at the patterns in my life and realize that as a budding writer, who at the present is in some degree of lower body un-wellness, I am being pretty much asked to forsake all that I hold dear.

    It's also true that I don't appear to be a well socialized person, and this is a difficult thing for me to accept, but over time I have learned to live with it following my attempts to rectify the condition through happy talk, banter, this sort of thing. And I'll give you an example. A couple of sentences here and there, which I think remarkably humorous, have on more than one occasion resulted in some dramatic un-friend-ings and a great deal of un-likings.  My old professor from the university, brilliant man. Old comrades from a number of cruel and unusual boarding schools. Men and women I have been though hell with while engaged in gainful employment. The great majority of my neighbors. Not to mention the relatives I have unwittingly pissed off.  There's a host of them out there, a panoply, or at least sixty two of them. All of whom I am certain would be delighted to receive junk mail from me.

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