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Saturday September 13th 2014  Tim Candler


   What I have done is down load a free e-book reader from: I have windows, so boldly I downloaded the Macintosh version, and after about two hours dealing with that kind of fugue state a mind can enter into when discussing delicate matters with a technical device, I realized I should have downloaded the Windows version of the e-reader. Delighted to see it came with a detailed instruction manual which on the scale of comprehension was right up there near four out of ten.

    I then Googled Halibut's End Story. One of the links took me to a  rather sinister picture of what was obviously the bloom of Amorphophallus. To read a sample of the book, I clicked on the yellow button that said "epub."  And I chose to save the file. Oddly enough when the file was downloaded, and I clicked on it to see what it contained the e-book reader came alive.  It's actually quite fun looking for spelling mistakes  and hunting down semi-colons. The Artist is certainly enjoying herself. And I'm told by Smashwords that I can make corrections.

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