An English In Kentucky


















Sunday September 14th 2014  Tim Candler


   I was once in the Capital City of the United States, and this was of course some years ago when I could leap around, climb trees and help little old men cross the road. So we're talking quite a few years ago.  It was a part of that capital city called Georgetown. Big trees, suspicious soil in which a gardener was never quite certain what he might dig up. A bunch of highflyers had gentrified the area and it was prime territory for the Jobbing Gardener with that line of bullshit that comes up with "Of course Helianthus prefers shade."


    After a long July day, I was in the back alley loading up the truck. And in case you don't know the Capital of the United States is classified by the English Diplomatic Service under the title of 'Hardship Post For Climate.' So you might imagine how a red blotchy Jobbing Gardener with English origins was feeling, when an elderly gentleman hobbled down the alley and in a very thick accent said, "You got propaganda."  Never been certain whether he meant it as an insult because chain saws do make noise.  Either way if I met him today I could answer him "Yes! And here it is."


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