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Monday September 15th 2014  Tim Candler


   One of the problems of being possessed by lower body un-wellness at this time of the year is the ambient temperature of the outdoors.  It's that sort of temperature that permits long, happy hours of bonding with the earth without necessarily having to wear socks and without risking some sort of near death experience from heat.  And too with the overcast out there, these days are hatless days, which means a Gardener can feel kind of normal.

    By about the beginning of December it gets to be rougher and rougher. Extremities need protection, and it's all rather a nightmare until sometime in March. Then a person looks at the long range weather forecasts. None of them are encouraging. The Radical Weather Forecasters are all excited by the weak El Nino and they claim it's sure sign the polar regions will advance south down the Western Appalachians and poke at us all.


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