An English In Kentucky


















Wednesday September 17th 2014  Tim Candler


   The Rabbit is a little irritated with me. He's plodding about in the background, and I can hear his "What About Me." So I tell him it's been at least thirty years and probably more like fifty, so what difference will a little longer make. Then I try not to listen to his reply, because it's rather scathing and he can be kind of cruel with his Keynesian attitude. "In the long run you'll be dead."

    I have considered the possibility of suggesting, "It's all about you my friend." But he's got his bit of straw in his mouth, and he's been practicing his swagger and he's been shopping for bonnets. So instead I ask him to remind me when our life together began. "February the 7th 722 in the Julian Calendar," he replies. So I guess he's kind of in a sulk and who knows how long it might last.

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