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Wednesday September 24th 2014  Tim Candler


   The 'Small Boy' has his ups and downs, but he's coming along and by the time my foot is reintroduced to what I will call 'normal foot wear' I hope to have fifteen very short stories, all of them with excellent spelling, and all of them total, complete and utter fiction built around fading memories of my time on earth. And yes, we propagandists can get boring, self obsessed and very worked up because when all is said and done we are wide eyed, highly strung, prone to self canonization and sometimes might exaggerate a little as we go about the important work of messaging.

    "And what other burdens might you have in store for others?" I hear you ask. The answer to that question is the Elgon Caldera where Our Hero joins an English Clan and does not manage it well. "Is One Small Boy, our hero?" I hear you ask. The answer to that question is "No. One Small  Boy is far too well balanced." Our Hero's name is Timotei, which let me assure you is purely coincidental. And incidentally, around the time of the Roman Emperor Nero when Saint Paul the Apostle was in Prison, with the help of Saint Timothy he wrote a letter to the Bishop of Gaza, a man named Philemon, who also became a saint. Saint Paul, was of course The Mouth of the early Christian Church.

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