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Friday September 26th 2014  Tim Candler


   TGIF, that's all I can say. And to sum up the week I made one huge error on the actual date of a birthday, a couple of minor errors in an Amish Store - not a place I might have reasonably anticipated visiting - and perhaps I shouldn't have worn romper wear to The Dentist. Other wise it was an active, 'go get 'em' kind of week with much heartiness and leaping around on crutches.

    Then this morning I hopped out of bed in plenty of time to see the Milky Way with stars almost all the way to the South Western horizon. So there must have been a power cut somewhere in Central Time. What I like most about the Milky Way is, it's our home in The Universe and it's so vast there's no way with current understandings of physics that our species will ever transverse it. But sadly, like so many things with us, we're always reluctant to let facts get in the way.

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