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Saturday September 27th 2014  Tim Candler


   Well, I feel tired and emotional. Quite why I don't know. But because I often feel tired and emotional for no good reason, I have a great experience of it. And I found that the Christian solution, which is to thank one's blessings, is not much more than a passing palliative that offers little more than a moment or two of intense guilt. Which is why I make a practice of looking to other things upon which to place blame.

    The obvious one is my current incapacity to do very much more than hobble around while trying not to cause further damage. But I have also found that when a person comes to an end point, the state of 'tired and emotional' can be anticipated. Which is, as I am sure you know, the genesis of my fundamental objection to the circle. This particular end point has to do with my recent conversations with One Small Boy. And I am certain there is a technical expression for it but through the next week or year, I have to shine and bath him so that he might be made more presentable. And yes, I regret to say, we're talking the semi colon and Cancun.

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