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Tuesday September 2nd 2014  Tim Candler


    It might be necessary to take a deep breath and see how matters stand with the increasingly problematic Compost Pile Naming Sentence. What we have are seven Compost Piles. The first has for a long time been called "The Wishing Well." Then there is "The Lined Compost Pile."  Next is the "The One Next To The Lined Compost Pile."  After that is "The Long Term Compost Pile."  Then  there is "The Compost Pile That Sometimes Isn't a Compost Pile."  Then there's "The Foucault Lizard."  And the Last is "The Scary One." And if you want to know why it's called the "The Scary One,"  it's because something untoward dwells within its orbit, and a Gardener sometimes needs to make a lot of noise around it so that everyone might know who's in charge.

    Mind you "Being In Charge" down there amongst the Compost Piles, is a fairly loose concept. In terms of the structural arrangements in that part of my world, probably makes more sense to considered something like "Anarcho-Syndicalism" as a better description. For those unfamiliar it's a slightly old fashioned way of describing what might be called "Trickle Up Libertarians." Which is tricky, because that kind of makes me the "Trickle Down Libertarian" when I am down there amongst the Compost Piles, trying to boss everyone around by giving them names, generally laying down the law and disparaging someone who might lay quite large eggs and not own feet, but who might well have made a good life for themselves and their family in the "Scary Compost Pile."


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