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Tuesday September 30th 2014  Tim Candler


   Hope to be re-locating shortly. The 'Foot-Up' pose will soon be distant memory, which I hope swiftly will be safely locked away in the virus chest. Re-location of course means The Rabbit of Usk, and this I look forward to, because he will not stop nibbling at my ear, and there will be peace on earth, the angles, or angels will sing and proverbs might begin to make sense.

    I guess too in the great dialectic there's an ideal form toward which to strive. However in the matter of One Small Boy there is what the professionals will call a 'synopsis,' a 'category' and a something called a 'tag cloud.' And all these long years I thought spelling was difficult. But I do know the Rabbit of Usk is 'discursive-episodic-prolix.'  And maybe One Small Boy belongs to him. Sadly, Discursive Episodic Prolixity is not a recommended category.

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