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Thursday September 4th 2014  Tim Candler


    It's a pretty well known fact that Gardeners are more like Barred Owls than they are like Crows. Barred Owls are lonely creatures who call out at night and will sort of creep about quietly in their trees in the daylight minding their own business. Crows are colony types, they have quarrels and disagreements and spend many hours flying around making a great deal of noise while mentoring each other in how to correctly harass Red Tailed Hawk.

    So it might be that each individual Gardener should have his or her own Compost Piles. That way there would be no need for a Compost Pile Naming Sentence, there'd be no misunderstandings about what bit goes where.  And I guess too that some Barred Owls are more authoritarian, dogmatic and pompous than other Barred Owls. It's a characteristic of Barred Owls which you can sometimes hear in their hooting.


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