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 Saturday April 11th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Always a worry waiting for Potato to show. They've been in for nearly sixteen days, which is more than two weeks. They were in fine fettle when they went in, all excited and reaching for the sunlight. The weather's been good enough since then, plenty of rain and the soil warming. Sometimes too under these difficult circumstances it's necessary for the Gardener to engage in a routine of pillow talk with his Potato Patch.

     It's a well established gardening practice that predates the Nicene Creed. The Gardener addresses the Potato, begs forgiveness for possibly having planted the Potato too deep, he blames himself, he then reminds the Potato that the heat and the dry are coming, and possible a Gardener might not feel like watering a lazy Potato patch. Then following the amen, there's usually an exchange of threats and grumpiness as both parties go their separate ways.


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