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 Tuesday April 14th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Something very depressing about the 14th of any month. Kind of like Wednesday I guess. And indeed the seven day week leaves a great deal to be desired. But we all just carry on regardless, plodding away. I'm for giving every week of the year a name. Today would be something like Flotilda Three, Five Billion Seven Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand and Possibly Fifteen. The extremists of course would want to give every day of the year its own name.

     I guess too it would be one of those things that would take generations to introduce. From my own personal experience I know the emotional problems associated with trying to change. I was and still am one of those who will talk about two shillings and sixpence, curse Napoleon and declare that the world started to end with Centigrade and the millimeter. All very well being told that giving weeks of the year names "makes no sense" but last time I looked nothing we people do makes sense. So a Very Happy Flotilda Three!


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