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 Friday April 17th 2015 Tim Candler9


    There's the beginning, the middle bit and the end part. In the great stories the beginning is fairly straight forward. My own preference is the Frog Eating the Moon scenario, and as a result of so awesome a thing life on earth turned to watch and in the process of watching became conscious through the question "What's happening to the Moon?" And it was primarily a consequence of trepidation that the moon began to return. Not a big fan of the Adam's Rib and Eden scenario, it's been done, endlessly, there's a whole sort of thing with Crusaders and The Word, and who's allowed to interpret The Word, but I guess if you like Warlocks and Orks, cuddly aliens and Hobbits and sitting around the fire talking about breakfast then that it's right up your street.

     The middle bit, invariably is pretty dull unless there's an idea of what might be happening to the moon. The Adam's Rib and Eden scenario kind of knows what's happened to the moon. So it's all about, climbing the slippery rope to the top of the pile of rotting bodies, and the hot chic swooning moments pretty much determines the end part which is all about the breeding stock because the winner gets to interpret The Word while visiting Cancun. Not at all pretty, I know, but there's a kind of movement towards it that's comfy. But then a mind turns to thinking and The Moon's up there being eaten by the Frog and frankly whether you're a Warlock, an Ork, a cuddly Alien or a secret agent employed by the Starzi and party time super detective, climbing to the top of a pile of rotting bodies just ain't sufficiently heroic for a Sabean.


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