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 Wednesday April 1st 2015 Tim Candler9


    The Big Joke Day, it's origins medieval or Ancient Egyptian or perhaps something to do with late October 1929. But amongst Sphinx Sabeans the celebration occurs on the fourth day of the fifth month, every fourth Lunar Year. Classically enough Pyramid Sabeans don't have a Big Joke Day, they're far too dull and boring, and sometimes your correspondent gives serious consideration to crossing the divide that separates Sphinx and Pyramid Sabeans.

     All the same a cultural flummox is such that your correspondent has absolutely no doubt that committees in non-smoking filled rooms have spent hours pondering their media outlets, looking at their audience assumptions and have come away with some truly well balanced brilliant ideas. Certainly eliminates any responsibility you or I might have to our various heritages. Thank god my own Big Joke Day doesn't occur for another three years. This year Sphinx Sabeans will be throwing water each other on the third day of the tenth lunar month of our year, which fortunately occurs sometime in August.


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