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 Monday April 20th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Thrashers have bonded, which is nice because it means that anyone who might sound like a Mockingbird, probably will be a Mockingbird. Your correspondent has leg ague, a pox of the foot, sooty knee, pollen is at snurk factor ten and he's got some kind of verticillum wilt, but praise be to the Great Oneness there's no red blotchy itchiness, which most will agree is the worst!

    And too, with The Artist on furlough there is the vast and overwhelming responsibility of seedling care. Not easy for a gardener who sometimes suspects he was abducted by highly paid mad scientists from Monsanto and turned into some kind of walking-talking herbicide. They're a very secretive bunch at Monsanto, so a person can never be certain about these things.


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