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 Tuesday April 21st 2015 Tim Candler9


    Your correspondent is exercising. Not the sensible exercising with things like wheel barrows and Compost Piles, shovels and buckets of the less wanted plants. There's no tree climbing or riding bicycles or just walking around aimlessly so as to look useful. And he knows full well that this might come as a bit of a shock, he himself was certainly very surprised. And indeed after years and years of sneering at exercising for exercising sake, a person might think some kind of circle had been turned and possible we're all looking at an imminent Blessed Release, followed by a Zoroastrian moment out in the field, which would cheer the Vultures, give the Crows something else to think about, there'd be Christian Missionaries dispatched and probably there'd be some sort fine for The Artist which I'm sure she'd cheerfully pay.

    And too, because we non-exercising exercisers have some very powerful political convictions, it was necessary for your correspondent to indulge in some truly gymnastic thinking prior to even investigating the possibilities of exercising for exercising sake. Several sleepless nights later he produced the phrase, "communing with the other self" as the more palatable definition. Where I live of course the "other self" is a source of constant irritation, he keeps losing things, he dribbles down his front when he eats and there's whole panoply of appalling-ness from him. And indeed the question of  "how to communicate with the other self?" has depended a great deal on defining the word "Communicate." Currently your correspondent is experimenting with a definition of communicate that includes the idea contained within "conjoin" and "confluence." If nothing else, his lower extremities are at the moment very confused, which is kind of rewarding.


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