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 Wednesday April 23rd 2015 Tim Candler9


    As a victim of taking himself too seriously and as one who will remain for ever in recovery from that particular ordeal your writer of pulp does rather enjoy feasting on the utterances of those who might still be stricken by the disease. He's a big fan of the Pompous Ass Genre, and was forced to resign his seat at the table due to his appalling spelling.

    No better place to find the odd nugget than in the wide array of Google Plus Writing Communities. You have to dig through, push aside the flappers and the OMG's and the LOLs, try and avoid the top ten list writers, commenting I've discovered only encourages, and concentrate more on the off hand remarks of those who want to get rich and famous by telling others how to get rich and famous. Of whom there is no shortage, thank goodness.


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