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 Monday April 27th 2015 Tim Candler9


    One of the main problems with being a poor speller, is when you know what the word is supposed to be, it looks as though it's spelled correctly. Then there are other words which never look as though they are spelled correctly, even if they are spelled correctly. This means hours can be spent, hopelessly hunting down how to spell something like exaserpate. I do realize this spelling of exaserpate is incorrect. But how to find out, when by exaserpate I do not mean exasperate I mean exaserpate. And the sad fact is exaserpate has a b in it, and some of us might not be blessed with the recall of a savant.

    It must have something to do with monks. They sat in cold rooms worrying about whether their inks would freeze, called by their God to spend lifetimes transcribing the sacred texts and obviously they were going to get disgruntled. And probably at their lunchtime, plots were hatched. Never been a fan of the lunch break, always has always will cause trouble, but you have to support the lunch break because it's a well known fact not all lunch break plots are as insidious as the evil scheming against poor spellers by feather pen wielding religious fanatics. And I'm pretty damn certain Edward Lear should never have been allowed to have a lunch break. Limericks have done nothing to further the cause of poor spellers. Hull does not rhyme with Bull unless you're from Hull, boyo! 


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