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 Tuesday April 28th 2015 Tim Candler9


    The Summer Tanager has joined us. He's found his voice and like all summer visitors, he's got no idea how frustrating winter was for some of us more elderly residents. Never certain why the Summer Tanager has to be quite so vocal, and always hopeful that one year he might chose not to spend his summer this side of Central Time. It's perfectly nice the other side of the river, with good woodland and plenty of places to perch and rant on for as many hours as he wishes to. Why us? I've often asked him, but he's always far too impressed with himself to take any notice. A typical tourist!

    And too, the wholly eccentric Yellow Chat is bobbing around from bush to bush. I do hope he settles on a territory within a couple of hundred feet of the porch. There is nothing worse than trying to watch a Yellow Chat dance while surrounded by briar, tics, and the legless creatures that so enjoy slithering around in full sun and cause the more sensitive to become a little jumpy. It's the hotter afternoon that inspires the Yellow Chat to express meaning through movement and song, quite why I've got no clue, but it's very typical of the Yellow Chat attitude toward fans.


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