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 Wednesday April 29th 2015 Tim Candler9


    I miss the Mockingbird. He could be irritating, he wasn't very nice to others, he'd chase them for no real reason, make a big show around other boy Mockingbirds, he probably had some real unpleasant political views, probably a card carrying member of the NRA, might even have been a Republican with nothing bad to say about the corporate donor class. In fact he could have been a really nasty piece of work. But I miss him.

    In the meanwhile, I begin to suspect, others don't feel quite the same way about the Mockingbird. Chipping Sparrows, who a person doesn't really expect to see chasing off a Nuthatch or making a bee line for a Starling or buzzing a sun hat are almost completely out of control. And there's a pair of Gnatcatchers, who are little and tiny, had the nerve to give the gardener with a bad back and a bit of a limp a what for when he was watering the seedlings. And there's that fate worse than death a bedroom window Tanager! Yes I do, I miss the Mockingbird.


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