An English In Kentucky


















 Thursday April 2nd 2015 Tim Candler9


    The sequence of events that led our hero to eschew the English Language for an entire winter remains a little mysterious. Better perhaps to think of it as an avoidance technique on his part. Yet when our hero was engaged in what your writer of pulp will call the service industry, language skills were very low on the list of qualifications. A person didn't have to speak English to change the sheets on beds English people slept in. Nor does your writer of pulp get out very much so who knows what the Have a Nice Day rules are today!

     And there was a second great advantage which our hero began to realize had something to do with the nature of a charade. He could loudly say off, off I clean! to the guests in cottage five and because our hero was foreign there wasn't very much the guests could do about it without producing a blank, uncomprehending stare. Whereas, had our hero said something like It's after lunch, why are you still in your pajamas! there'd be a whole lot of feeble explanations for why the guests were still in their pajamas followed by complaints to management about rudeness from the chamber maid. So it was a win/win for Timotei Candlemass.


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