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 Thursday April 30th 2015 Tim Candler9


    The emergency ward hasn't changed very much since our last visit. Always nice to see emergency ward professionals enjoying a cigarette and a chat and a moment or two with the mobile phone at the big entry ramp. I find it comforting myself, and everyone's very friendly despite the constant washing of hands and blue rubber gloves. And too very important to be able to remember birthdates when visiting emergency wards or pharmacies, otherwise a person can look a little suspicious and eyebrows are raised. And pretending to be too overwrought to remember anything, just doesn't work!

    No more than an hour and half following her return from her travels The Artist had some sort of disagreement with the Asparagus, a hosepipe and a pocket knife. The details are a all a little sketchy, there was some sort of skin flap, we both remained calm, I think I did a pretty good job of driving, at least I used the indicators. The Artist behaved very well. There was some discussion about how best to cook Asparagus, Shepherd's Pie, George Foreman Grills and somebody's uncle who'd escaped from Korea in 1958 or 1964. I was quite brave but have to admit I didn't actually look at the needles there's something about them that really gives me the creeps and the solution for The Artist was ten stitches.


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