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 Friday April 3rd 2015 Tim Candler9


    The Windral or Book Five is winding to a conclusion. Not exactly an algebraic conclusion, there's no pure mathematics in the Rabbit of Usk, more like a series of understated and invisible semi-colons. Your writer of pulp's personal preference would be to do away with punctuation all together, just have one incredibly long word. But he does realize that one incredibly long word would be entering the stranger realms of German and perhaps Mohican. Neither language he is familiar with beyond a sort of "whatshappeningdude."

     There is however a point about the world of people as an increasingly mathematical arena. Very few will try to claim as past generations have attempted to do that our species is rational. But thanks to the devotional of  mathematics and the exciting field of information technology we can each be given a value, and whether we are rational or not, the value is dependant upon a sort of tautology that predetermines what we are good for here on earth. It's a system that produces IPods, Cancun and lipstick for goodness sake. And indeed within the framework configured around the word "productive" the Sphinx Sabean is the one under whom Pharaoh is not buried.


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