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 Saturday April 4th 2015 Tim Candler9


    The foxy brown Thrasher is apparently secretive and hard to spot. Not so where I live, because the foxy brown Thrasher thinks he's a boy Mockingbird and he is so good at singing like a boy Mockingbird he has unnerved the local boy Mockingbirds and sent them packing. Girl Mockingbirds are fascinated by him.

     Unlike a boy Mockingbird a Brown Thrasher is sneaky. He doesn't sing in the top of a tree, but prefers to  lurk where he can't be seen. Girl Mockingbirds hear his voice, they potter around deliberately ignoring him in the traditional girl Mockingbird fashion. The Brown Thrasher is not in the least interested, and for some reason this makes girl Mockingbirds more interested. A time comes however when being deliberately ignored by girl Mockingbirds so unnerves the Brown Thrasher he shuts up and flies off.


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