An English In Kentucky


















 Monday April 6th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Despite his many good qualities our hero falls a little short in the loosely defined virtue of tolerance. Certainly it's a big subject, wide ranging and what some might consider tolerance others might call 'blindness to the foibles of others.' And when engaged in the Service Industry 'total blindness to the foibles of others' should be the single virtue of the employee. It really is a question of 'his not to reason why' or 'page 123 line five' as the Rabbit prefers to think of it.

     Sadly for our hero, his grandfather, the author of page 123 line five, is far too often preoccupied with Tennyson's plagiarizing and the damage done to the Saxon sense of humor by Edward Lear to be like a guiding hand for our hero. And too there can be no sense of belonging without a commitment of the more primitive emotions. So probably when Jeffry Cunningham was lying on top of his counterpane with muddy shoes on his feet things started to go awry of our hero as a model employee in the hotel and catering industry.


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