An English In Kentucky


















 Tuesday April 7th 2015 Tim Candler9


    In many respects our hero should be grateful to Colonel Wake for insinuating that Raspberries didn't grow in Letland. This meant that when Temp Help Studanté Fred suggested that Letland was another word for Latvia, and when the Dandelion discovered that Raspberries did grow in Latvia, our hero was able to persist with the idea that Letland was a tropical green and pleasant land, it's national dish could remain mushroom omelet mashed potato and green beans and Letland had nothing whatsoever to do with the Baltic nation of Latvia.

     Possible too your writer of pulp might have to distance himself a little from chapter seventeen, he too appears to have taken on our hero's Lettish persona. It's a wonderful and heroic language, there are about fifteen or sixteen different tones to the words "Very Good." Each tone meaning filled within the context of the service industry and without all the rigmarole of vocabulary. The phrase "Off, Off" works miracles. And "I do, I do" is the Lettish way of saying "you're incompetence defeats the purpose of your presence in the room."


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