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 Monday August 10th 2015 Tim Candler9


     The recent literature on immersive hasn't really defined the word. The assumption your correspondent has made is to say that immersive-ness is to get so lost in the moment of the activity that all else ceases to matter, which suggests that immersive-ness is up there with authentic. The Carpenter immersed in his work, with no care for the world beyond his or her hammer and chisel. Some, probably in the past, have considered this sense of immersive-ness as the gold standard around which society is best arranged. But I don't think that's what the literature means by immersive.

     The literature goes on to argue that while there might have been a time when opportunities to immerse were limited to something like reading a book more recent innovations and technologies available to sections of the earth's people have resulted in a increased arena of immersion with a consequent dramatic shrinking of attention span. Better perhaps to put the whole problem into in the perspective of Pong, a computer game which some years ago was very much the rage for those of us unallied to any sort of useful activity. Yes indeed it's a long journey traveled since the pen and inks of an illustrated manuscript.


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