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 Wednesday August 12th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Missed seeing the Turkey and assorted Little Turkey around the back door this morning. Must try to get up earlier in the day. Mind you it's difficult to move around in the outdoors without disturbing Turkey nurseries. Can only think that Coyote, Feral Cat, Bobcat and Barred Owl have joined the ranks of The Peaceable Kingdom and they too are cooing along with the Community of Turkey.

     The blooms of Winter Squash have been put to good use. The Artist fills them with something like Goat Cheese, pops them in a hot oven. Along with mashed Potato, green stuff and Tomato, it's kind of like going to heaven, and there's hardly any washing up so it's a win/win for the late riser whose obsessions have led to a degree of pacing and muttering around the number 5.1.


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