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 Thursday August 13th 2015 Tim Candler9


     It could well be time for your writer of pulp to re-interview himself. Ask the probing questions, come away with more sensible answers than last time he interviewed himself. Interview. In the world there's an assumption that an interview is between two people. The idea of self interviewing lacks gravitas, sort of weak minded, and kind of sad. What sort of probing questions can a person possibly ask themselves? And at the same time what sort of probing questions, don't already have a series of possible answers? "Why do you write?" "It's cheaper than going to the dentist."

     There is an argument which suggests that writing is a self interview. Whether or not we think in words and sentences is an area others might have to deal with, my own view is that "Yes we do!" But those words and sentences are long way from being written words and sentences. And indeed, in the course of my time upon earth I have written a great many sentences which two hours later make no sense whatsoever. This I'd argue is the essence of a self interview, and at the same time it's kind of the essence of writing. What's inside and what's outside will always be two different things. And sometimes it's tempting to go to the dentist where you can ask someone else to interview you. Come home shiny-toothed and a great deal poorer. I think they're called workshops.


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